How To Take Care Of Your Car

So now you have your own car or you get to school by car the parents. In this article you will learn how to maintain the normal operation of car, be sure it is safe, and the use of transport if necessary.

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Steps by step:

1. Make sure you and your vehicle are insured, so in a collision with a car or pedestrian protection, the insurance will cover the repairs and medical care. Keep a copy of the insurance in a safe place so that it is easy to find if you have lost the original or accidentally kicked him when cleaning up in the car.

Keep in mind, if you are faced with an expensive car, its repair can cost you about 2 million. Rubles. Make sure that the insurance will cover most of the repairs.

2.  Make sure that all copies of the documents of the vehicle are in the car.

3. Make sure you have all the documents confirming serviceability of the vehicle (vehicle inspection and CO-norm).

4. Also, you can keep in your car maintenance manual. Some people keep their leadership in the other place, which may cause some problems if the car broke down on the road. Guidelines need to be stored in the car just in case you need to replace the tire, oil change or clean the radiator.

car basics

5. Learn how to check tire pressure and keep the pressure gauge is always in the car to check the tire pressure at least once a month. Overly inflated wheels can be the cause of many accidents, as the great possibility that the wheel fly off at the turning point.

6. Remember that the engine oil should be changed regularly. Read the manual for maintenance, how to do it. Many vehicles require an oil change every 5,000 kilometers.

7. Periodically change the air filters. Contaminated oil and air filters can cause dirt inside the engine, which can scratch the gear, which would entail increased wear and premature engine failure.

8. Change the wheel places every time the oil is changed. Rearrange the front wheel back and vice versa. This helps the tires wear evenly and extend the life by half.

9. Check the pressure in the spare wheel along with the main every month. The seasonal change in temperature can alter the pressure in the wheels.

10. Visually check the brake at least once a year. Brake pad wear as well as the shoe sole. Job pad wear can damage the brake disc. Even if the brakes operate effectively blocks may be too thin and can cause damage to the brake system at any time. Visually inspect the pads and the brake disc, scrolling wheel.

11. Learn how to check the level of all fluids in the vehicle systems for their own safety. Levels easily checked by opening the engine compartment.

1. Oil

2. Coolant / Antifreeze,

3. Transmission oil,

4. Brake fluid

5. Wiper Fluid. If the fluid level is low, add them to the desired level.

If the level continues to fall, check the system for leaks. Check the parking lot for any drops.

12. Learn how to change a wheel. Learn to use the jack and wheel wrench, which should be in your car. Thus, you can easily replace the wheel if it has damaged the road.

13. In case of an emergency keep in the car a few things. Think about what you may need if the car broke down, or you have an accident and do not want to wait for the help of 3 hours. What if you need to take a walk up to the house in the heat or rain. Here are some of the things:

  • 2 liters of drinking water
  • First aid kit
  • Work lights
  • Warm jacket
  • Raincoat
  • Canvas 1.80 x 2.40 m
    Rope – 15 meters (parachute sling)
  • Approximately 1,000 rubles in cash
  • If you live in areas with cold climates, especially in the cold season, you can also add:
    winter jackets;
    Warm gloves;
    Warm pants and underwear;
    Wool socks;
    Winter boots;
    These items can be purchased at the sale.

14. Learn how to wash your car. Never wipe dry the car to avoid scratching the paint.

15. If you live in an area with a wet or snowy climate, you can put an old towel on the floor of the car to absorb the dirt and mud from your shoes. Periodically wash towel. Make sure that the towel did not prevent the gas pedal, brake and clutch.

16. Keep a folder where you will store the necessary documents for the car. Sign the folder in order to get her back in the car, if you find it outside your vehicle. The folder must have the following documents:

  • Insurance
  • Documents on the car (Sign expiry date documents)
  • Documents about the technical condition of the vehicle
  • Service Manual Car

17. Keep a folder between the passenger seat and the center console for easy access.

Professional Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Traces of cigarette smoke, pet hair, stains on the reactants, sand, dust, food crumbs, – car interior pollution not only causes discomfort to the driver and passengers, and can have a negative impact on health, but also contribute to early wear of the machine compartment. Always sneeze, sitting in the lounge of their own car, the seats are worn out and have lost the form and under the feet crunching dust? Professional dry cleaning salon will your car in order and take care of your health.

dry cleaning car


Professional dry cleaning of interior – a procedure that will allow the interior of your car last longer. Due to the dry cleaner, you can forget about the stubborn dirt, dust, stains from food and drinks, odors and other types of pollution. Esoteric Pro Experts recommend spending a full professional dry cleaner car interior at least 1 times a year, and make a partial cleaning at intervals of 2-3 months.

STAGES dry cleaning CAR

Professional dry cleaning car interior is carried out in several stages.

  1. Preparatory stage. Initially, the car is prepared for cleaning, remove all dust and debris, washed salon and treat it with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. The main stage. Then, a chemical processing, pollution cleaned cloths, brushes, sponges, trehturbinny use a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Finishing stage. At the end of the car interior by special procedures dried hairdryer and applied protective equipment. If after removing the moisture, some spots appear again, the dry cleaning of car interior is done repeatedly.

car inside

LAUNDRY: when it’s time to carry AUTO pro

It’s no secret that the cleanliness of the room affects the well-being and health of the people, therefore carry out dry cleaning inside the car, you should regularly. However, routine cleaning, which afford every motorist, sometimes small, and need professional dry cleaning salon. When the car is really worth to give into the hands of professionals?

  • Pre-sale preparation. Divorce on the floor, traces of coffee in the seats, dust and sand – dirty salon is unlikely to make a good advertisement of your machine. Whereas quality dry cleaning car interior in Moscow will help you sell it more and more expensive. Often, this service is included in the price of pre-sales car. At the same time cleaning the leather interior – a necessary procedure in the preparation of cars for sale, such as automotive interior requires more care and attention.
  • Sophisticated pollution. Stubborn stains from coffee, ketchup, mayonnaise – a frequent phenomenon in the lounge car, many car owners. At the sitting spots that did not get to bring my own? Or you do not deal with stains on the floor? Dry Cleaning Salon in Moscow from professionals will help your car to get rid of the annoying pollution of different degree of difficulty. The problem spots is particularly relevant for owners of cars with leather interior, so cleaning the leather interior of the car should be carried out more frequently than textile.
  • Smoking. If the car owner or someone from passengers regularly smoke inside the car, then on its surface will settle the so-called “nicotinic dust”, which is not so easy to be displayed. Often, cleaning leather interior textile or tobacco traces, professionals have to resort to special techniques and equipment.
  • Divorces reagent. In the cold season, when all the footpaths generously covered with reagents that prevent slips, chemical stains on rugs machines are inevitable. Get rid of these spots and prepare the machine for the warm season will help dry cleaning salon in Moscow in specialized deteyling center.
  • Pets. If you have a dog, cat or any other pet, that you regularly carry any in the car, inside the car will manifest wool and other contaminants, which are quite difficult to remove without special equipment. Therefore it is better to entrust it to professionals. Dry Cleaning leather interior is also better to hold a special center.
  • Children. Unlike adults, children’s health is still fragile and not firmly, but because frequent finding in dusty and dirty inside the machine can cause allergies and many other diseases. However, if you regularly carry any children in the car, the interior steam cleaning should be done in a few times more.
  • Allergy and respiratory diseases. Wool, dust, mold and other impurities are often the causative agent of allergy, and many other respiratory diseases. Fights throat or lays his nose, when you get in the car? Remove mold and other pathogenic factors will help the professional dry-cleaning car.
  • Unpleasant odors. Inside, persistent bad smell, from which it is impossible to get rid of? Probably the thing in its pollution. Dry the car salon in Moscow will help to eliminate the source of the smell, and save you from this problem.

Dry Cleaning car interior leather or textile professionals hold Esoteric Pro deteyling center. Also in the list of our services includes premium car wash and steam cleaning the engine.

car view


Deteyling Car – it is cleaned, after which you will not only be able to forget the already existing pollution and odor, but also protect the interior of the car on a number of issues.

  • Means of protection of surfaces, apply at propelling integrated dry-cleaning car, repel dirt soil origin.
    Dry the leather interior or the textile material will return to its former beauty and help eliminate stress surfaces.
  • Dry Cleaning Salon in Moscow or any other city with nano coating protects it from stains of tea, yogurt and other liquids. By getting rid of the traces of solids, dry cleaning salon steam will protect them in the future.
  • Shoe leather car interior and textile betray interior gloss machine and return to its former beauty.

Dry cleaning CAR

Esoteric Pro specialists quickly and easily produce professional dry-cleaning car. To evaluate the results of our work you can see in the “Example”. Price interior cleaning in Moscow listed in the price list, you can also calculate the cost of services using a special calculator.

innovative methods of cleaning, polishing and recovery used in our deteyling center. highly skilled professionals will work with your machine. We have also held a mirror grinding disks, protection and deteyling cars. You can find us at the address specified in the “Contacts” section.

How To Care of Car For Plastic Interior Elements

How To Care of Car – Buying a new car, its future owner of the least of all think about the fact that in addition to other trouble for the upcoming care of car, a certain amount of time will have to pay attention to the internal state machine.

care of car

Proper care of the inside of the passenger compartment of the car is reduced not only wiping the dust from the interior surfaces and cleaning carpets. Only under certain rules of interior treatment of the car stays in the car will be a long time to please the purity and originality of the interior.

Particular attention should be paid to the plastic elements, as their interior any vehicle enough. Usually made of plastic car dashboard, center console, inner door panels, pillars, and the rear parcel shelf. Many car models have a plastic ceiling. All these surfaces require proper and regular maintenance.

Under normal operating conditions, the vehicle instrument panel and the plastic lining of the doors should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth, then wipe all surfaces must be dry. Otherwise, after drying on plastic grayish stains remain, it does not matter how often you change the water and rinse the cloth or sponge. This also applies to the other plastic car interior surfaces. Generally, it is recommended as the water can be changed more often and rinse the cloth or sponge is used to wipe the wet compartment. This will prevent ingress into the sponge of small grains of sand that can scratch the plastic surface.

Very dusty surface textured plastic, as well as places of complicated configuration of the plastic element salon before wiping with a damp cloth, you can pass a vacuum cleaner with a special tapered nozzle. This advice will be relevant, and after long journeys along the dusty terrain.

Today, almost any store specializing in the sale of car parts and car accessories, offer a wide range of household cleaning products intended for the care of the vehicle interior, including the departure of plastic products. After all, if not cared for a long time or the car behind the car was purchased second-hand badly, then no, even the most careful wet cleaning in the cabin will not save the situation. In this case you should use a variety of plastic cleaners.

To clean the interior plastic components and making them available freshness means, usually in the form of aerosols in cylinders 300 – 500 ml. Such tools have a complex effect and can not only remove ingrained dirt, but also give a plastic surface elegant glossy look, giving it anti-static effect, whereby, for example, to the dashboard for a long time will not adhere to the dust particles. In addition, some funds have in their composition aromatic flavor, provide a fresh scent in the car. And this means to care for the plastic elements of the machine interior as “cleaner salon», «Sonax» manufactured, can not only give the plastic parts a fresh new look, dissolving the old mud film on them, but also protects them from fading in the sun and fragility.

For products with similar effects may include products and other manufacturers, including spray to care for the car interior parts of the «Akemi» company, a series of tools «Cockpit» company «Einszett». These products contain in their composition biodegradable surfactants and readily soluble in water. After processing, they are left on the surface of the plastic product antiglare microfilm, making plastic parts silky-matt appearance.

Some care products are not designed for plastic surface treatment, and to protect it, for example, from the harmful UV rays and cigarette smoke contains a lot of pitches, eventually eats into the plastic interior. For example, means for cleaning plastics «Einszett» can effectively dissolve a very long-standing stains of oil and grease, removing even stubborn in the face of smoking products. The tool provides a high degree of protection of the plastic surface through the use of advanced evaporation retardant.

Typically, all cleaners uniformly applied on a dry plastic surface and require little rubbing with a sponge. In accordance with the requirements on the application of funds statement, after its use may require post-processing with a clean damp sponge, which will enhance the cleaning effect. The most contaminated sites recommended further treated with a soft brush.

It is not necessary to apply for the processing means of plastic parts that are in its structure alcohol. For the vast number of plastics, alcohol acts as a solvent, melting the thinnest surface layer of the element, after which the item will burn quickly in the sun. If you use a polish to give details of freshness, while they do not have heavy pollution, it is first necessary to carry out the processing of plastic surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge and allow to dry. Processed quality plastic tool looks like new for a couple of weeks.

Choosing a vehicle interior treatment machine, whether it is a spray, cream or polish, it must be remembered that the market for these assets are a large number of counterfeit products. It is not necessary to acquire funds on the markets or in small roadside shops. But even buying agent in a large and respectable auto shop, no need to rush to process them all at once interior of his car. Try to put means in a secluded, hidden from the eye place, on a small area to make sure the quality of the goods. There are cases when the means to care for plastic car with promising promises on the label provided the opposite effect, damaging the surface of the instrument panel or other interior elements treated them.

In addition, even if a thorough and timely focus on keeping the car interior in good condition, sooner or later the time will come “capital clean.” In this case, can not do without professional equipment and special means, in connection with which a full dry-cleaning car interior, including plastic parts, is to entrust skilled.

Choosing A Car Covers

Choosing A Car Covers – Along with the appearance of a car is of considerable importance and the formulation of the internal space of the interior.

Significant role in all this is played properly fitted car covers that can not only give the car interior aesthetic appearance, but also to create the conditions in which it will provide sufficient durability of internal surfaces, as well as a proper driver comfort during the ride.

Choosing A Car Covers

However, given the diversity of the existing range, sometimes it becomes difficult to make the final choice, and in this case it is better preview the possible options, to give preference to exactly the model that will increasingly meet the priorities of a car owner in each case.

Types of car seat covers

All existing range of car seat covers in today’s consumer market is divided into species, among which are distinguished covers, T-shirts, universal covers, and covers modeling and tailoring. At the same time they all have their advantages.

• Case-shirts are the most straightforward option to extend the service life of the factory seat covers. They are manufactured usually from durable and wear-resistant synthetic fabrics, as simple to use and maintain. Due to the peculiarities of performance, they are suitable for all seats regardless of the size and configuration.

• Universal covers are often designed and factory production, generally for a wide range of vehicle models. They are commercially available in almost any auto shop, There is a relatively large selection of colors and materials from which these cases are made that affect the value of the goods.

• The model covers are made by the manufacturer for a specific vehicle model, the basis of which they can be easily matched to the size and shape of the existing staff of seats. The choice also proposed a variety of materials and colors that can satisfy virtually any end user.

• Covers tailoring made in specialized workshops based on personal tastes and wishes of a client, which allows the output to obtain exclusive items with diverse options for combinations of colors and materials. These cases are characterized by high price and perfect quality, and they perfectly fit the contour of the seat and are able to create the maximum degree of driver comfort during the ride.

Choosing the Right Car Cover

Materials of construction for car covers

Types of materials of construction for car covers, is now very much, but there are a number of features that make cases can provide the proper degree of comfort to the driver.

The most common cases are made of suede. This material is pleasant when tactile contact, is able to show good quality in all weather conditions, relatively durable and easy to clean in case of contamination. Also, the material is allocated variety of colors, allowing you to use it in almost any style of interior design space.

Equally popular are car covers made of Alcantara, in other words, artificial suede, which has an attractive appearance, high durability, pleasant tactile properties and fairly moderate balanced price and quality. This material will look great in the interior of any car and contribute to the creation of a suitable climate due to the natural air exchange.

If the car is often necessary to transport the pets ideal option would be to purchase covers of vinyl, which is able to withstand the maximum contamination and accumulation on the surface of various pile and wool. To clean these covers only need a wet wipe. However, it should be borne in mind that, due to the structural features of breathability material is broken and some discomfort may be tested during cold or excessively hot weather.

Another material, commonly used for sewing car seat covers, is the skin. Such cases quite resistant to wear during the operation and the interior of the vehicle itself in a similar design looks very solid. However, as in versions with vinyl covers, broken natural ventilation, which also affects the level of comfort of being in this chair with significant seasonal temperature swings. But it will not be a problem if the seats are equipped with heating, and cars in its configuration has air conditioning or climate control. It is also worth considering that leather cases, though not subject to such significant pollution as their counterparts from textiles, but require some care, which will provide them with the necessary flexibility and flawless appearance.

Taking into account the above features of all kinds of covers, to opt for the most optimal variant is not so difficult if you decide what tasks are pursued in the first place by using this automotive interior element.

Before buying only necessary to ensure quality manufacturing. Also do not forget that, regardless of the choice in the first place is one of the most important tasks, namely the protection of seat upholstery from dirt and abrasion, which will provide a vehicle interior presentation on the most long life will be achieved.